Thursday, November 14, 2013

Select Bernie Krause Soundscape Recordings now available from 'Society of Sound', curated by Peter Gabriel.

A pioneer in the distribution of digital music downloads, world-renown singer, musician, songwriter, and humanitarian Peter Gabriel curates a collection of high-quality recordings available through the subscription music service 'Society of Sound'  at Bowers & Wilkins.   Subscribers can download select albums from Gabriel's Real World Studios, the London Symphony Orchestra, or other titles within the catalog in Apple Lossless and studio-quality FLAC formats. For audiophiles looking for high quality natural soundscape recordings, the collection now offers several custom pieces from Bernie Krause, who reminds us that '…all music was born in the natural world.'  Check out the 'Society of Sound', and  listen to the wild.

From musical explorations in early synthesizer days to helping develop the field of Soundscape Ecology, Bernie Krause travels vast musical territory:
Bernie Krause. Zoetrope 1979 – Taken during the recording sessions for Apocalypse Now, at Francis Coppola’s Zoetrope Studios in San Francisco     

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