Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Global Soundscape Project

Adding sound to Google Earth is part of what inspires public awareness about the increasingly fragile natural and human environment.

Wild Sanctuary’s planned Center for Soundscape Studies will also be home to the Global Soundscape Project, an interactive network connecting mapping technology, digital recording storage, audio-naturalists and others to further dialogue in local, national, and international ecological awareness around the creative and scientific exploration of natural soundscape.

Our developing project builds an innovative bridge between the virtual and natural world, as a community of emerging bio-acousticians, audio/naturalists, educators, and others move forward in their work -- utilizing field-recording, content storage, and analysis technology, in convergence with the interconnected communications of new media, to enhance ecological dialogue and understanding, stimulate research, support distance studies, raise public awareness, and ignite creative expression within the digital age.

Inviting multi-disciplinary scholastic and academic use, and promoting increased cultural appreciation for the fragile soundscapes of the natural world, the project explores new technology and media applications to link social networking, academic collaboration, information exchange, and educational resources as never before.

The mindful results of protecting the natural resource of healthy soundscape can be as powerful and effective in creating ecologically-positive social behavioral change as prior campaigns for clean air, fresh water, and smoke-free public places! Exploring the role of natural sound in creature, habitat, and human health and well-being can provide important and beneficial information for future generations.

Stay tuned for future developments as we develop what we hope to be a truly visionary and resonant program.

Now, more than ever ...
what you listen to matters!