Thursday, July 2, 2009

Murie Inspiration

Talking soundscape with an amazing group of advocates is always dynamic, but never more so than at the recent SOUNDS OF NATURE WORKSHOP at the inspiring Murie Center. This is where, many years ago, Olas and Mardy Murie's friendly table conversations turned dreams of the Wilderness Act and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge into reality. Our participating colleagues, friends, and associates turned our Soundscape Team's time at the workshop into growing commitments to each build on the Murie legacy for a more sustainable 21st Century. A place of peace, reflection, promise, action -- and people ready for adventure -- all things linked in a few sparkling moments amid birdsong, moose sightings, owl hoots, and camaraderie. Our thanks and salute to all participants!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Teaming Up To Raise Soundscape Awareness

Great networks seem to be popping up nearly everywhere these days to discuss the technical side of soundscape recording - but for those who want to simply enjoy natural sounds, learn more about the world of natural soundscapes, and forward the cause of protecting, preserving, and promoting natural sound to help raise soundscape awareness throughout the culture, there is now another welcoming site.  Get social in the conversation about how, when, and where we can further the understanding and appreciation of natural sound around the world. The Soundscape Support Team is a 'quiet little network' designed to create new advocacy for delighting in and sustaining the sounds of the outdoor world, that in turn sustain us! Join in - let's discuss details about the future of birdsong, babbling brooks, and the creature chorus in art, science, health, education and more.  

Friday, May 1, 2009

Visit Botswana Via Natural Soundscape

A ticket to Botswana can be a bit pricy these days, but you can find yourself practically transported simply by listening to our most recent album addition in the WildStore. 'SUNRISE IN BOTSWANA' is a gifted sonic portrait of a rare and beautiful African morning, with field recordings from our fine colleague, Derek Solomon. Derek's intimate knowledge of African wildlife, and his efforts organizing and leading custom safaris over the past 15 years, lends a breathtaking distinction to his work.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Nature Recording Workshop At the Murie Center

Join us in the field late in June, in spectacular Moose, Wyoming, and learn
about the art and skill of soundscape recording with Wild Sanctuary's own experienced Soundscape Team, including master recordists Bernie Krause, Martyn Stewart, and Kevin Colver. The SOUNDS OF NATURE workshop will include both field and indoor sessions in and around The Murie Center and Teton National Park, Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The exciting Niche Hypothesis (biophony) offers new insights into listening and recording natural sounds and helps explain why creatures vocalize in special related ways rather than separate and apart. These phenomena and more will be shared with participants who will learn to listen and record in the field with an emphasis on the holistic soundscape and what it reveals. After each field session participants will exchange examples of their discoveries in enjoyable and informative workshop settings. Participants will learn to record everything from insect larvae to amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals, arthropods (ants) in areas surrounding the Tetons, hearing how all the voices in a particular habitat setting interact with one another. Minimum required equipment: digital stereo recorder, microphone(s) and earphones. There is no age limit young or old. Workshop limit: 5 participants per leader. For more information contact us.