Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dolphins destroyed in Taiji, Japan

Fellow audio-naturalist and animal advocate, recording colleague Martyn Stewart has been traveling to Japan to witness and share news about the disturbing Dolphin slaughter taking place in Taiji.  He sent this 'ear-witness' report.

Dolphin slaughter in Taiji. November 29th 2010 from Martyn Stewart on Vimeo.
Find out more at Sounds of Critters.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Neat Notes on Sound from TED

Entrepreneur/author/speaker Julian Treasure illuminates some ideas worth sharing about sound, noise, and business in his recent TED appearance.

Monday, August 23, 2010

A Sudden Rush for 'Nature'

Many thanks to brilliant flutist Joshua Smith for his recommendation of Bernie Krause's album 'Nature' in his on-going series about best 'soundtracks to add to you business travels'.  Noted soloist Smith turns to Nature's own music when he's on the road -- an idea which resonated in a mini rush for us!  Check it out on America Public Media's Marketplace, and find this lovely album in the WildStore.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wild Sanctuary & 1% For The Tetons

Participating in preserving the fragile soundscapes of the amazing eco-system of the Teton Watershed area is an exciting possibility with the 1% for the Tetons campaign. To donate, visit the grant finalist page, and join in the effort. 
The Murie Center from 1% for the Tetons on Vimeo.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Derek and the Cobra

Friend and colleague, Derek Solomon, with wife Sarah, do some amazing work in South Africa and keep us well-posted. We always delight in his latest efforts - finely done sound recording and splendid photographs. Check out the astonishing photo (which really makes us smile) and the details just received. Now that's intrepid! Here's what Derek had to share:
Photo (c) D. Solomon/ all rights reserved.

"The Snouted Cobra Naja annulifera (previously thought to be a subspecies of the Egyptian Cobra) is a large snake averaging 1.5 to 2m in length, and is a common species of the southern African bushveld. It hunts at night favouring toads, but eats other frogs as well as snakes, lizards and birds and is an unpopular visitor to poultry runs. During the day it is often found sunning itself close to its home in a rocky outcrop or termite mound.

The 'spread-hood' threat display of a cobra is actually a defence behaviour used as a warning signal and may be accompanied by a loud hiss. The hiss, given as the reptile exhales, is different in every species of snake. In the case of the Snouted Cobra the initial hiss may be repeated several times and as it strikes it makes a loud 'pfftt' sound. We made this recording at Khamai Reptile Park in South Africa's Limpopo Province."

For more information contact Derek at info@kuyimba.com