Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Alonzo King LINES Ballet on tour with Biophony

From their recent European tour, the extraordinary dance company that is Alonzo King LINES Ballet sends us this recent video link, which will be available for play April 7, 2017, on Vimeo.  The soundscape-led contemporary ballet, with original score by our own Bernie Krause and Richard Blackford is homage to the animal nation within the cultural world; recently performed in several venues in France.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Love to listen - or just want to explore a new world of music, nature, art, and expression?  Join us at Ear to the Earth!

Natural and cultural environments still offer nearly limitless places for artists, musicians, eco-advocates, scientists, and technicians to explore and share.  Our friends at Ear to the Earth in NYC invite the global community to connect and communicate about their interests, their work, and their interests in a wide range of expressive programs, events, concerts, festivals, and installations.  Please join us in supporting this engaging community by becoming part of it. It's a good group, a great value; plus you'll find out new ways to collaborate and get inspiration from every encounter - online, on-site, or in the field. Find out more by joining Ear to the Earth today!

Monday, December 28, 2015

'Voices of the Wild' by Bernie Krause now available from Yale University Press

In his newest book, 'Voices of the Wild: Animal Songs, Human Din, and the Call to Save Natural Soundscapes' (Yale Press, 2015), author, naturalist, and soundscape ecology pioneer Bernie Krause expands upon stories of his life-long work in bio-acoustics (and his on-going efforts to share awareness of the world's most beautiful soundscapes) with a glimpse of some of his most delightful and compelling personal anecdotes.

A declaration in support of the appreciation and protection of natural soundscapes, Krause explains a few of the secrets hidden in the natural world's shrinking sonic environments - and how and why they must be preserved for scientific understanding, our cultural heritage, and humanity's physical and spiritual welfare.

The quietly-stated and direct narrative - supplemented by exclusive access to field recordings from wild places around the world - documents, in part, a few of his reflections and early exploration of the field, with the hope of encouraging further consideration and expression of the subject by future generations of field recordists and soundscape enthusiasts to come.

"...Voices of the Wild" is fascinating, urgent, filled with sound and fury and beauty" 
-Richard Louv, author of The Nature Principle and Last Child in the Woods

Request it from your local bookseller or

Friday, June 26, 2015

The Great Animal Orchestra Symphony now available for performance.

It's been a pleasure to see this work grow.  Based upon Bernie's book, 'The Great Animal Orchestra', our exploration into music and natural soundscapes has grown into a cultural force for concerts, dance performance, art installation, and more.  Performance licensing, CDs, Study Score, and press information now available for The Great Animal Orchestra Symphony for Orchestra & Wild Soundscapes.  Contact Nimbus Records or Wild Sanctuary for more information on this magical new musical work -- and find the Mp3 digital download in The WildStore.

Monday, May 11, 2015

The Animals Taught Us To Dance and Sing - Krause's 'Biophony' Inspires New Ballet.

Bioacoustician Bernie Krause takes a bow with the Alonzo King Lines Ballet company after the world premiere of the new ballet 'Biophony'
April 8th, 2015, at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater, San Francisco, CA.  Photo courtesy: Alonzo King Lines Ballet.

Visionary choreography takes a leap into the wild, as the celebrated Alonzo King Lines Ballet company collaborated with us recently on a new world premiere ballet inspired by Bernie's book, 'The Great Animal Orchestra: Finding the Origins of Music in the World's Wild Places'.

Providing a new creative association between Bernie Krause, Alonzo King, and composer Richard Blackford, the new performance piece is an apt celebration of the origins of both dance and music as natural soundscape and movement combine into an astonishing, artistic tribute to the natural world and the creative spirit. A recent article from San Francisco Weekly about the work is here. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Great Animal Orchestra Symphony for Orchestra & Wild Soundscapes now available as Mp3 Digital Download

"...Sonically spectacular!" - CB Hill - BBC Culture

The Great Animal Orchestra Symphony, a collaboration by UK composer Richard Blackford and Wild Sanctuary's Bernie Krause is the first full symphony integrating wild soundscapes into the orchestration.

Based upon the book by Bernie Krause, this extraordinary celebration has also inspired a museum installation and an upcoming ballet!

Find the Mp3 digital download of the album - which also include's Blackford's Carnival of the Animals - in the WildStore at WildSanctuary.com

For CD version or performance licensing please contact Wyastone.co.uk 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Gramophone Magazine Reviews 'The Great Animal Orchestra Symphony for Orchestra & Wild Soundscapes'

"...a life enhancing admixture of serious musical substance with exuberant rhythmical and melodic material." - Michael McManus | Gramophone Magazine

A new symphonic collaboration by Wild Sanctuary's own founding bio-acoustician Bernie Krause, and composer Richard Blackford, has earned high praise from no less than Gramophone Magazine, well-recognized as '...the most respected and consulted classical music review magazine in the world!'

Wild Sanctuary thanks Mr. McManus for his review and the UK-based publication for including 'The Great Animal Orchestra Symphony for Orchestra & Wild Soundscapes'  in the July 2014 edition.
Listen to a sample of the album here:

Performance licensing is available through Nimbus Music Publishing

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Adventures In Soundscape - Wild Sanctuary's Trailblazing Ethic

It's been said that each step illuminates the next.  But those first steps take a trailblazer.
Early days of Synthesizer
Building an Archive of Sound
Sharing Soundscape Ecology

A true explorer in the collection, investigation into, and archiving of the world's most beautiful and unusual natural sounds, Wild Sanctuary's Bernie Krause's pioneering works have long brightened possibilities for others to whom sound is a medium of excitement and interest.  Uncountable current field recordists, scientists, and creative artists alike have found inspiration in his work.  With the increasing interest of the digital generation, Bernie's work continues to invite engagement, participation, and innovation for others to expand upon in their own right and to join us within the adventure.

New Premiere:
The first full symphony to use wild soundscapes as the conceptual muse for the work and fully incorporate them within orchestration, The Great Animal Orchestra Symphony breaks new ground in the classical and contemporary music world and the world of soundscape recording.

In collaboration with inspired composer Richard Blackford, artist/author/soundscape ecologist Bernie Krause's newest work will premiere in the UK, at the Cheltenham Music Festival, July 12th, 2014.  The CD and score will be released through Nimbus Records in September.  This performance is part of an extended European tour that includes an exciting array of related public speaking and educational appearances, arts installations, and other planned events related to Bernie's most recent book, 'The Great Animal Orchestra: Finding the Origins of Music in the World's Wild Places" (Little/Brown, 2012).

Inspired by the book, composer Richard Blackford creates
'The Great Animal Orchestra Symphony for Orchestra & Wild Soundscapes
Bernie with David Byrne at City Arts &; Lectures
'Soundscapes', A Sonoma State University Dance Concert

Wild Sanctuary's on-going efforts in presenting wild soundscapes within the public culture continue to increase as Bernie, Kat, and associates continue to explore untrammeled territories.  

In books, films, radio/tv/e-media presence, public space installations, performance, social networking, workshops, co-guided Sound Safari's and more, we enthusiastically invite you to participate in appreciation of the increasingly rare remaining 'creature chorus' around the world - as the lovely and ongoing resonant voices of the remaining natural world perform their timeless songs.  Let us know about your specific interest - and watch for more news coming soon!

To find out more about Bernie & Kat Krause visit us at Wild Sanctuary, subscribe to the WildBlog, or send us a note anytime: info@wildsanctuary.com.

Monday, April 28, 2014

New Symphony Honors Disappearing Soundscapes of The Wild

Noted composer Richard Blackford and Wild Sanctuary bio-acoustician Bernie Krause have collaborated on a new orchestral piece that will premiere July 2014 at the Cheltenham Music Festival.  This new work, 'The Great Animal Orchestra Symphony for Orchestra and Wild Soundscapes', based upon concepts from Krause's recent book 'The Great Animal Orchestra: Finding the Origins of Music in the World's Wild Places' (Little/Brown, 2103), is part of our ongoing program to help re-establish the vitality, value, and necessity of natural soundscapes in modern life.  We thank Telegraph reporter, Geoffrey Lean, for his recent interview and subsequent news and blog articles on the subject:


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Reflections on the History of Soundscape Ecology: Berkeley School of Journalism

Audio journalist/producer Greta Mart interviews Wild Sanctuary's Bernie Krause on the early days of Soundscape Ecology for recent radio show.  

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

'The Great Animal Orchestra Symphony for Orchestra & Wild Soundscapes' Premieres July 12, 2014, at the Cheltenham Music Festival

We hope you will join us for the upcoming World Premiere of The Great Animal Orchestra Symphony for Orchestra & Wild Soundscapes.  This new work, by distinguished composer Richard Blackford and soundscape ecologist Bernie Krause, celebrates the origins of music and its connection to sounds of the natural wild.  Details about other scheduled performance dates will be forthcoming.  The score and CD will be released by Nimbus Records, Autumn of 2014.

For ticket information: The Festival Premiere

Illustration/DawnFidrick.com | Production /Kat Krause 
 ©2014 Wild Sanctuary | All Rights Reserved

Friday, March 21, 2014

Sneak Preview: Announcing 'The Great Animal Orchestra Symphony for Orchestra & Wild Soundscapes'

Wild Sanctuary is delighted to share our first announcement of a new symphony that will be premiered at the Cheltenham Music Festival (UK) on 12 July 2014. A creative collaboration between Richard Blackford, former Balloil College Oxford composer-in-residence, and author/soundscape ecologist Bernie Krause, this will be the first classical music expression that fully incorporates a broad range of biophonies as an integrated sonic texture within the context of orchestration. 
Based on themes developed in the narrative of Dr. Krause's recent book, “The Great Animal Orchestra: Finding the Origins of Music in the World’s Wild Places,” the score is a culmination of the development of the premise that animals taught us to dance and sing.  The published and recorded versions of the orchestral work, composed by Richard Blackford with wild soundscapes by Bernie Krause, will be available through Nimbus Records, Autumn 2014.  Future live performances of the symphony will be announced as they are scheduled.
For ticket information: The Festival Premiere
Animation Design/DawnFidrick.com | Production Design/Kat Krause | Sound Design/Casey Langfelder
 ©2014 Wild Sanctuary | All Rights Reserved

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Selfridge's Offers a Haven of Silence for Shoppers in New No Noise Campaign

We quietly, but enthusiastically, applaud  Selfridge's & Co./ London for their creative new in-store campaign that puts quietude at the forefront of conscious consumerism.  For a limited time, shoppers can find some quiet solace in their new 'Silent Room', a wonderful, calming space designed to allow shoppers to '…celebrate the power of quiet' as part of their store-wide 'No Noise' theme.


 While designed only for temporary iteration, we hope that it's just the start of similar, more permanent efforts there, or in other retail facilities and public spaces around the world.  Long innovators in unique merchandising, it seems that Selridge's is still, thankfully, willing to explore unique ways in which business efforts can also attempt cultural leadership, this one to help raise awareness about the distinctions between sound, noise, and quiet.

Now for a campaign that embraces the natural wild as worthy of protection, reverence, and wonder.  Let's connect!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Earth Tones

Earth Tones Natural Soundscapes have great applications to science and the arts.  As a 'lens' with which to explore and enhance connection to the natural world, soundscape invites multi-disciplinary exploration.  Recent sound-led creative collaborations at Sonoma State University between students and faculty of several departments has yielded a range of performances for public outreach, celebrating the link between nature, music, and dance.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Select Bernie Krause Soundscape Recordings now available from 'Society of Sound', curated by Peter Gabriel.

A pioneer in the distribution of digital music downloads, world-renown singer, musician, songwriter, and humanitarian Peter Gabriel curates a collection of high-quality recordings available through the subscription music service 'Society of Sound'  at Bowers & Wilkins.   Subscribers can download select albums from Gabriel's Real World Studios, the London Symphony Orchestra, or other titles within the catalog in Apple Lossless and studio-quality FLAC formats. For audiophiles looking for high quality natural soundscape recordings, the collection now offers several custom pieces from Bernie Krause, who reminds us that '…all music was born in the natural world.'  Check out the 'Society of Sound', and  listen to the wild.

From musical explorations in early synthesizer days to helping develop the field of Soundscape Ecology, Bernie Krause travels vast musical territory:
Bernie Krause. Zoetrope 1979 – Taken during the recording sessions for Apocalypse Now, at Francis Coppola’s Zoetrope Studios in San Francisco     

Friday, October 25, 2013

Bernie Krause Joins the Harry Walker Agency for Speaking Engagements

Wild Sanctuary is pleased to announce that soundscape expert, Dr. Bernie Krause, has selected the Harry Walker Agency to represent him for public speaking, appearance, and the guest lecture circuit.

Known as the world's leading agency for their noteworthy representation of premiere keynote, environmental, and motivational speakers, the professional speaker's bureau ensures experienced event planners to assist in scheduling and logistical arrangements with any type or size of organization, from colleges and universities to industry, public, private events.  The agents can incorporate possible off-the-podium activities as well,  such as workshops, book signings, meet and greet receptions, Q & A sessions, academic lectures, teaching consultations, educational forums, or press conferences.

Bernie will also speak at selected local, non-profit, or personal charitable events through direct Wild Sanctuary scheduling, as time permits.

To invite Dr. Krause to speak at your next event:
Please send an inquiry including proposed date(s), city, state, country, name of organization and/or sponsor, event description, Dr. Krause's intended involvement, and your contact information to:   info@harrywalker.com
Please include the subject line: Bernie Krause Speaker Inquiry.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Dark Mountain - Repairing the Silent Spring: A Conversation with Bernie Krause

The harmony, emergence, and patterns which connect us to the natural world have long been of interest to the remarkable scholar Jeppe Graugaard, as he writes about our human experience with the wild, cultural narratives, worldviews, and social changeWe thank him for his insightful interview with Bernie Krause, as featured in The Dark Mountain blog.

Read the article here:

Visit Jeppe at his site:

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Introducing: The Orchestra of the Wild

Bernie and Kat Krause have long played instrumental parts within the world of soundscape exploration.  In addition to preserving, protecting, and promoting soundscape awareness and furthering development of Soundscape Ecology for use in science, art, and outreach, their continuous expression of  the harmony that can be found amid wilderness and the wild is a vital part of Wild Sanctuary's on-going effort.

Katherine Krause, Richard Blackford
. . . Announcing 
"The Great Animal Orchestra: A Symphony"

Bernie Krause, Richard Blackford
An exceptional new orchestral symphony - based on Bernie's most recent book - is currently being created as a collaborative effort with noted British composer, Richard Blackford, and is now scheduled to premiere July 12, 2014, first at the Cheltenham Music Festival, UK, and later in Wales, and the USA.

The origins of music began in the wild, as creature voices joined in some particularly significant ways, likely inspiring humans to dance, sing, speak, and perform over eons of time.  In this new expression, soundscape becomes both muse and instrument within the orchestral suite, an evolving exploration of the natural and musical worlds.

Watch for updates about 'The Great Animal Orchestra: A Symphony', as this theme continues to resonate with friends, fans, and a engaged generation of listeners around the globe.   Tune in to the inherent harmonies that spring from the fundamental source of all music...find out what the soundscapes of the natural world will inspire in you! 

Join us, as 'The Orchestra of the Wild' educates, enlightens, and entertains in profound new ways  - a sonic adventure in soundscape awareness.  Informed by The Voice of the Natural World, we are delighted to welcome you to the ever-evolving works and resonant delights of Wild Sanctuary.

Thank you for your interest and support.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bernie Krause at 'Think Again': The TED Global Conference | Edinburgh, Scotland | June 2013

It was the delight of the year to attend the recent TED Global conference in Edinburgh, Scotland, this summer.

We met amazing people, doing extraordinary things to improve the world, their communities, and the environment.  The innovation, creativity, dedication, and inspiration found within this international gathering of TED speakers is legend - and the hospitality, friendship, and connection found within the assembly of participants and attendees left a significant impression upon us.  The positive spirit of the event (and the wide range of topics and approaches) was revitalizing, hopeful, and inspiring.

Here, Bernie Krause shares his lifelong efforts to explore the world of Soundscape and how he came to understand ways in which the creature chorus of the wild informs our connection to the natural world, to culture, to spirituality - and to one and another.

We hope you enjoy it.

Bernie and Kat Krause add thanks to communications consultant TJ Bauman, for her professional guidance in preparations for this TED Global talk.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Bernie Krause on soundscape ecology at TED Global 2013.

Wild Sanctuary founder, Dr. Bernie Krause, will be a guest presenter at TED Global 2013: Think Again (Edinburgh), scheduled for Wednesday, June 12th, in Session 5: Listening to Nature.  We're delighted to participate within this international forum of innovative, world-class thought leaders.


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A World of Soundscapes: Alpine Meadow

Just as streetlights engulf the starlight, human noise is all too rapidly drowning out the living sounds of the natural world.  For those who like a little wild nature in their days and nights, nothing can provide a sense of place like sound.

Wild Sanctuary's newly designed WildStore features an incomparable collection of soundscape albums from the most amazing wild places left in the world!  The collection of downloadable albums brings together several of the world's top nature recordists sharing their finest works.  To browse the catalog and listen to the short sound clips provided, is to enter directly into the habitats portrayed: rich, resonant, and utterly real.

Convenient preview (there is no word for pre-hear) sliders on the site provide a brief sense of content, artistic and exemplary detail for each album. Better yet, you can purchase full-length Mp3 selections by Krause, and his extraordinary colleagues in the field, that each provide a true sense of being at a particular place, season, and time.  A collection - worth collecting, as habitats like this are rarely found, often costly to get to, and the ephemeral nature of their soundscapes even more difficult to capture with such accurate presence and vitality.

Play the video (above) of 'Alpine Meadow', then take a journey of your own -- a visit to the WildStore is a breath of fresh air!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Announcing New Wild Sanctuary Website & WildStore

Today, we're pleased to announce that our new Website and WildStore is launched!

We welcome you to our totally redesigned site and streamlined store, which features a fine collection of extraordinary soundscape titles - and other offerings - including many wonderful natural sounds audio works from our colleagues in the field.  It's a new site... so please, let us know if you have questions, comments, or suggestions at: info@wildsanctuary.com ...and do come join us!

Our new site and storefront are the result of an extraordinary collaborative effort from a variety of talented designers and programmers who joined us in this effort.  We are most grateful to them all:

Applause to the build team!
     Evelyn Badia, Whitney Green, Erica Hirshfeld, & group: Tröllback + Company
     Jennifer Ozkan, Robert Blackburn, & Jeff Zienowicz: Cybersense
     Trevor Carlow: CarlowSEO
     Kathleen Norris
     Mark Wilder: Wilder2
     'Zanne Clark: ZannePhotography 
     - And the other experts who helped out with this new construction

It shouldn't go without saying...Special cheers to all our family and friends for offering kind words and patience while we were immersed (for many months) within cyberspace on this creative project.
                                                                                                               -- Kat Krause

Friday, January 11, 2013

Coming Soon: Paperback Edition of 'The Great Animal Orchestra'

Received fine news from publishing group Little, Brown & Company (Hachette Book Group) that Bernie's newest book, 'The Great Animal Orchestra: Finding the Origins of Music in the World's Wild Places", (already available in hardback, e-book, e-book (enhanced), and audiobook versions) will soon be available in Trade Paperback version. Watch for it at your favorite local and on-line booksellers.
• PAPERBACK, March, 2013 •

"It's a passionate amalgam…aesthetic and holistic."  -- New York Times

Friday, February 3, 2012

Wild Sanctuary and the Global Sustainable Soundscapes Network

Wild Sanctuary is a Founding Member of The Global Sustainable Soundscapes Network, bringing together landscape ecologists, conservation biologists, ecologists from the creative arts, acousticians, and psycho-acousticians to explore the coordination of studies in diverse soundscapes.

We'll be joining with other member organizations including Purdue University, The Acoustic Ecology Institute, Art Institute of Chicago, College of Environmental Science and Forestry/State University of New York, University of Georgia, McGill University, Michigan State University, Tropical Ecology Assessment and Monitoring/Team Network, Tuskegee University, University of Alaska/Fairbanks, Universidad Nacional/Costa Rica, University of New Mexico, and University of Urbino to share, express, and further expand our long-held goals of expanding and connecting the practical, creative, and academic understanding of natural soundscapes and soundscape ecology.

As the acoustic connection to the natural world become stronger than ever before, we'll continue to share news of how this and our other similar involvements develop as we endeavor to build community and further the field of soundscape inquiry around the world. 

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Sounds of Silence

Virginia Morell's comprehensive article in Conde Nast Traveler reports on the world's last quiet places. Wild Sanctuary's Bernie Krause joins colleagues in sharing their insights from the field of Soundscape Ecology. Click on the headline to read it.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Soundscape Ecology on NPR Science Friday

We've long been working to bring soundscape ecology to public awareness. Today, on NPRs Science Friday with Ira Flatow, Wild Sanctuary's Dr. Bernie Krause and colleague, Purdue University professor Brian Pijanowski, spoke of new academic potential of Soundscape Ecology. Catch the interesting interview on the April 22nd, 2011 segment,  'Listening to Wild Soundscapes.' 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

First in the field of Soundscape Ecology

We are proud to announce the first academic publication to validate and express the term 'Soundscape Ecology' for a newly recognized field of scientific study. While others have tried to appropriate the term for more casual purposes, the scientific paper as articulated in the publication from the American Institute of Biological Sciences, 'BioScience' (March 2011, Vol. 61, No.3) clearly defines the meaning, scope, and origin of the term, in 'Soundscape Ecology: The Science of Sound in the Landscape', the article co-authored by soundscape pioneer, Bernie Krause.

Wild Sanctuary Honors The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

In 2006, Wild Sanctuary's team of bio-acoustic colleagues completed Phase I of The Arctic Soundscape Project, the first-ever, bioacoustic baseline study of soundscape conditions within select sites at the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. All of us were wildly impressed by the raw beauty, special values, and astonishing tranquility of the acoustic environment. Sounds of life abound in Spring and Summer, as Polar bear, Arctic fox, caribou, and a million or so migrating birds find refuge in the irreplaceable '1002' area.

In 2010, on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, we celebrated this magical and vital ecological treasure with a companion outreach project designed to invite everyone to participate, launching Arctic Live, a festive, positive approach to wilderness advocacy with a variety of on-line and live events. The socially-based 'party' is still in progress - as are more serious plans to begin a secondary, comparative location study of the Refuge with Phase II of The Arctic Soundscape Project.

As our field-research work also enlivens and informs our outreach and community efforts, we'll share advocacy information with teachers and students about Arctic Live through these and other special projects in support of wilderness and wildlife of the increasingly fragile North.  

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dolphins destroyed in Taiji, Japan

Fellow audio-naturalist and animal advocate, recording colleague Martyn Stewart has been traveling to Japan to witness and share news about the disturbing Dolphin slaughter taking place in Taiji.  He sent this 'ear-witness' report.

Dolphin slaughter in Taiji. November 29th 2010 from Martyn Stewart on Vimeo.
Find out more at Sounds of Critters.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Neat Notes on Sound from TED

Entrepreneur/author/speaker Julian Treasure illuminates some ideas worth sharing about sound, noise, and business in his recent TED appearance.

Monday, August 23, 2010

A Sudden Rush for 'Nature'

Many thanks to brilliant flutist Joshua Smith for his recommendation of Bernie Krause's album 'Nature' in his on-going series about best 'soundtracks to add to you business travels'.  Noted soloist Smith turns to Nature's own music when he's on the road -- an idea which resonated in a mini rush for us!  Check it out on America Public Media's Marketplace, and find this lovely album in the WildStore.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wild Sanctuary & 1% For The Tetons

Participating in preserving the fragile soundscapes of the amazing eco-system of the Teton Watershed area is an exciting possibility with the 1% for the Tetons campaign. To donate, visit the grant finalist page, and join in the effort. 
The Murie Center from 1% for the Tetons on Vimeo.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Derek and the Cobra

Friend and colleague, Derek Solomon, with wife Sarah, do some amazing work in South Africa and keep us well-posted. We always delight in his latest efforts - finely done sound recording and splendid photographs. Check out the astonishing photo (which really makes us smile) and the details just received. Now that's intrepid! Here's what Derek had to share:
Photo (c) D. Solomon/ all rights reserved.

"The Snouted Cobra Naja annulifera (previously thought to be a subspecies of the Egyptian Cobra) is a large snake averaging 1.5 to 2m in length, and is a common species of the southern African bushveld. It hunts at night favouring toads, but eats other frogs as well as snakes, lizards and birds and is an unpopular visitor to poultry runs. During the day it is often found sunning itself close to its home in a rocky outcrop or termite mound.

The 'spread-hood' threat display of a cobra is actually a defence behaviour used as a warning signal and may be accompanied by a loud hiss. The hiss, given as the reptile exhales, is different in every species of snake. In the case of the Snouted Cobra the initial hiss may be repeated several times and as it strikes it makes a loud 'pfftt' sound. We made this recording at Khamai Reptile Park in South Africa's Limpopo Province."

For more information contact Derek at info@kuyimba.com

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Murie Inspiration

Talking soundscape with an amazing group of advocates is always dynamic, but never more so than at the recent SOUNDS OF NATURE WORKSHOP at the inspiring Murie Center. This is where, many years ago, Olas and Mardy Murie's friendly table conversations turned dreams of the Wilderness Act and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge into reality. Our participating colleagues, friends, and associates turned our Soundscape Team's time at the workshop into growing commitments to each build on the Murie legacy for a more sustainable 21st Century. A place of peace, reflection, promise, action -- and people ready for adventure -- all things linked in a few sparkling moments amid birdsong, moose sightings, owl hoots, and camaraderie. Our thanks and salute to all participants!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Teaming Up To Raise Soundscape Awareness

Great networks seem to be popping up nearly everywhere these days to discuss the technical side of soundscape recording - but for those who want to simply enjoy natural sounds, learn more about the world of natural soundscapes, and forward the cause of protecting, preserving, and promoting natural sound to help raise soundscape awareness throughout the culture, there is now another welcoming site.  Get social in the conversation about how, when, and where we can further the understanding and appreciation of natural sound around the world. The Soundscape Support Team is a 'quiet little network' designed to create new advocacy for delighting in and sustaining the sounds of the outdoor world, that in turn sustain us! Join in - let's discuss details about the future of birdsong, babbling brooks, and the creature chorus in art, science, health, education and more.  

Friday, May 1, 2009

Visit Botswana Via Natural Soundscape

A ticket to Botswana can be a bit pricy these days, but you can find yourself practically transported simply by listening to our most recent album addition in the WildStore. 'SUNRISE IN BOTSWANA' is a gifted sonic portrait of a rare and beautiful African morning, with field recordings from our fine colleague, Derek Solomon. Derek's intimate knowledge of African wildlife, and his efforts organizing and leading custom safaris over the past 15 years, lends a breathtaking distinction to his work.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Nature Recording Workshop At the Murie Center

Join us in the field late in June, in spectacular Moose, Wyoming, and learn
about the art and skill of soundscape recording with Wild Sanctuary's own experienced Soundscape Team, including master recordists Bernie Krause, Martyn Stewart, and Kevin Colver. The SOUNDS OF NATURE workshop will include both field and indoor sessions in and around The Murie Center and Teton National Park, Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The exciting Niche Hypothesis (biophony) offers new insights into listening and recording natural sounds and helps explain why creatures vocalize in special related ways rather than separate and apart. These phenomena and more will be shared with participants who will learn to listen and record in the field with an emphasis on the holistic soundscape and what it reveals. After each field session participants will exchange examples of their discoveries in enjoyable and informative workshop settings. Participants will learn to record everything from insect larvae to amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals, arthropods (ants) in areas surrounding the Tetons, hearing how all the voices in a particular habitat setting interact with one another. Minimum required equipment: digital stereo recorder, microphone(s) and earphones. There is no age limit young or old. Workshop limit: 5 participants per leader. For more information contact us.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Inside the Creative Mind

This week, PRI posted their interview with Wild Sanctuary's Bernie Krause, discussing how his background in music led to the formation of 'The Niche Hypothesis', describing the elegance of biophony, the astonishing chorus of the creature world. Our thanks to Studio 360 for helping share the sounds of the natural wild. Listen here!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Mp3 Downloads vs CDs - Where old CDs go

Each day in America, thousands of CDs are tossed into landfills or worse yet, ultimately become part of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, because of inefficient recycling services to properly handle all the wasted jewel boxes, DVDs, floppy discs, and CDs that get routinely trashed. Helping to reduce this waste is why we've switched to Mp3 downloads as our preferred delivery format for Wild Sanctuary album titles.

Help make a difference by swapping, selling, or donating your old albums to others who might find them of use, or if they've gotta go... send your unwanted old discs and jewel cases to CD Recycling Central. (For larger quantity or studio recycling, try Greendisk). Oh, and you can punch a couple of holes in the top of one and tie it to hang down in back of your bike seat. Makes a good reflector! Click the link for the address and other information you need - and help keep these items from showing up where they really don't belong (like in the ocean). The fishes will thank you.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Leave no footprints, especially the carbon kind

Brighter Planet's 350 Challenge To minimize our impact on the environment, while in the field, some say 'take only photos, leave only footprints'; a good adage to be sure. We say, 'Record some sounds, and reduce your carbon footprints, too, whenever and wherever you can.' Brighterplanet.com is doing some interesting campaigns in support of renewable energies and offers a nice bit of offset just by posting their badge to your blog.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Live from New York - it's Wild Sanctuary!

We are pleased to be in New York City this week as guests of The World Science Festival. Bernie will be addressing 'The Sixth Extinction' with scientific luminary Richard Leakey at Columbia University's Miller Theater.
 An added note: they call it 'the city that never sleeps', we're guessing it has something to do with noise, the No. 1 'quality of life' complaint of city dwellers. In 2006, alone, there were 350,000 citizen complaints registered about just that; since 2007 there's been a 6% rise in that figure. CHIRP!!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Keeping WIRED to the Natural World

Thanks go to Clive Thompson and the well-versed editors at WIRED, for their May 19, 2008 story on soundscapes and 'How Man-made Noise Can Be Altering the Earth's Ecology.' Kudos always to that publication for their environmentally-friendly approach to the high tech world. We appreciate intrepid trailblazers of the Wired kind, exploring new ways to stay well-connected to the natural world - within the digital age. Image: budgetstockphoto.com

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Bernie Krause, Richard Leakey, & David Thoreson address 'The Sixth Extinction'

Bernie joins celebrated paleontologist R. Leakey and intrepid photographer D. Thoreson in addressing the precarious position of planet Earth at The World Science Festival, Friday, May 30, 8:00 PM in The Miller Theater at Columbia University, NYC. This extraordinary, 5-day event is a celebration of art, science, and community - featuring Nobel Laureates and a breathtaking gathering of scientific star power among the speakers, moderators, and other participants. Check it out at www.worldsciencefestival.com/speakers

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Global Soundscape Project

Adding sound to Google Earth is part of what inspires public awareness about the increasingly fragile natural and human environment.

Wild Sanctuary’s planned Center for Soundscape Studies will also be home to the Global Soundscape Project, an interactive network connecting mapping technology, digital recording storage, audio-naturalists and others to further dialogue in local, national, and international ecological awareness around the creative and scientific exploration of natural soundscape.

Our developing project builds an innovative bridge between the virtual and natural world, as a community of emerging bio-acousticians, audio/naturalists, educators, and others move forward in their work -- utilizing field-recording, content storage, and analysis technology, in convergence with the interconnected communications of new media, to enhance ecological dialogue and understanding, stimulate research, support distance studies, raise public awareness, and ignite creative expression within the digital age.

Inviting multi-disciplinary scholastic and academic use, and promoting increased cultural appreciation for the fragile soundscapes of the natural world, the project explores new technology and media applications to link social networking, academic collaboration, information exchange, and educational resources as never before.

The mindful results of protecting the natural resource of healthy soundscape can be as powerful and effective in creating ecologically-positive social behavioral change as prior campaigns for clean air, fresh water, and smoke-free public places! Exploring the role of natural sound in creature, habitat, and human health and well-being can provide important and beneficial information for future generations.

Stay tuned for future developments as we develop what we hope to be a truly visionary and resonant program.

Now, more than ever ...
what you listen to matters!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Find Kevin Colver at the WildStore

It's a patchwork constellation of biodiversity!...and a rare find for those who love the sounds of birds at home in their natural habitats, as they pour forth their remarkable melodies in sweet-sounding collaboration. Our respected colleague, Dr. Kevin Colver, is a top-notch audio/naturalist - and we're greatly pleased to announce that several of his noteworthy songbird titles are now available as MP3 downloads within Wild Sanctuary's WildStore. From Songbirds of SouthWest Canyon Country, to the Sierra Nevada's, Yellowstone, and the High Rockies, Colver's beautiful biophonic anthologies are certain to please.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Wild Christmas Now Downloadable

Add a bit of holiday fun to any time of the year. Check out A WILD CHRISTMAS, Bernie's inspired holiday album completely created from the voices of animals. Every sound on this musical Mp3 is biological - no instruments used in the composition - yet, the orchestration is lively, the arrangements are hip, and the natural fun is inherent. Click the headline and go to the WildStore for a sample.