Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bernie Krause at 'Think Again': The TED Global Conference | Edinburgh, Scotland | June 2013

It was the delight of the year to attend the recent TED Global conference in Edinburgh, Scotland, this summer.

We met amazing people, doing extraordinary things to improve the world, their communities, and the environment.  The innovation, creativity, dedication, and inspiration found within this international gathering of TED speakers is legend - and the hospitality, friendship, and connection found within the assembly of participants and attendees left a significant impression upon us.  The positive spirit of the event (and the wide range of topics and approaches) was revitalizing, hopeful, and inspiring.

Here, Bernie Krause shares his lifelong efforts to explore the world of Soundscape and how he came to understand ways in which the creature chorus of the wild informs our connection to the natural world, to culture, to spirituality - and to one and another.

We hope you enjoy it.

Bernie and Kat Krause add thanks to communications consultant TJ Bauman, for her professional guidance in preparations for this TED Global talk.