Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Great Animal Orchestra Symphony for Orchestra & Wild Soundscapes now available as Mp3 Digital Download

"...Sonically spectacular!" - CB Hill - BBC Culture

The Great Animal Orchestra Symphony, a collaboration by UK composer Richard Blackford and Wild Sanctuary's Bernie Krause is the first full symphony integrating wild soundscapes into the orchestration.

Based upon the book by Bernie Krause, this extraordinary celebration has also inspired a museum installation and an upcoming ballet!

Find the Mp3 digital download of the album - which also include's Blackford's Carnival of the Animals - in the WildStore at

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Gramophone Magazine Reviews 'The Great Animal Orchestra Symphony for Orchestra & Wild Soundscapes'

"...a life enhancing admixture of serious musical substance with exuberant rhythmical and melodic material." - Michael McManus | Gramophone Magazine

A new symphonic collaboration by Wild Sanctuary's own founding bio-acoustician Bernie Krause, and composer Richard Blackford, has earned high praise from no less than Gramophone Magazine, well-recognized as '...the most respected and consulted classical music review magazine in the world!'

Wild Sanctuary thanks Mr. McManus for his review and the UK-based publication for including 'The Great Animal Orchestra Symphony for Orchestra & Wild Soundscapes'  in the July 2014 edition.
Listen to a sample of the album here:

Performance licensing is available through Nimbus Music Publishing