Thursday, August 1, 2013

Introducing: The Orchestra of the Wild

Bernie and Kat Krause have long played instrumental parts within the world of soundscape exploration.  In addition to preserving, protecting, and promoting soundscape awareness and furthering development of Soundscape Ecology for use in science, art, and outreach, their continuous expression of  the harmony that can be found amid wilderness and the wild is a vital part of Wild Sanctuary's on-going effort.

Katherine Krause, Richard Blackford
. . . Announcing 
"The Great Animal Orchestra: A Symphony"

Bernie Krause, Richard Blackford
An exceptional new orchestral symphony - based on Bernie's most recent book - is currently being created as a collaborative effort with noted British composer, Richard Blackford, and is now scheduled to premiere July 12, 2014, first at the Cheltenham Music Festival, UK, and later in Wales, and the USA.

The origins of music began in the wild, as creature voices joined in some particularly significant ways, likely inspiring humans to dance, sing, speak, and perform over eons of time.  In this new expression, soundscape becomes both muse and instrument within the orchestral suite, an evolving exploration of the natural and musical worlds.

Watch for updates about 'The Great Animal Orchestra: A Symphony', as this theme continues to resonate with friends, fans, and a engaged generation of listeners around the globe.   Tune in to the inherent harmonies that spring from the fundamental source of all music...find out what the soundscapes of the natural world will inspire in you! 

Join us, as 'The Orchestra of the Wild' educates, enlightens, and entertains in profound new ways  - a sonic adventure in soundscape awareness.  Informed by The Voice of the Natural World, we are delighted to welcome you to the ever-evolving works and resonant delights of Wild Sanctuary.

Thank you for your interest and support.