Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Great Animal Orchestra Symphony for Orchestra & Wild Soundscapes now available as Mp3 Digital Download

"...Sonically spectacular!" - CB Hill - BBC Culture

The Great Animal Orchestra Symphony, a collaboration by UK composer Richard Blackford and Wild Sanctuary's Bernie Krause is the first full symphony integrating wild soundscapes into the orchestration.

Based upon the book by Bernie Krause, this extraordinary celebration has also inspired a museum installation and an upcoming ballet!

Find the Mp3 digital download of the album - which also include's Blackford's Carnival of the Animals - in the WildStore at

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Gramophone Magazine Reviews 'The Great Animal Orchestra Symphony for Orchestra & Wild Soundscapes'

"...a life enhancing admixture of serious musical substance with exuberant rhythmical and melodic material." - Michael McManus | Gramophone Magazine

A new symphonic collaboration by Wild Sanctuary's own founding bio-acoustician Bernie Krause, and composer Richard Blackford, has earned high praise from no less than Gramophone Magazine, well-recognized as '...the most respected and consulted classical music review magazine in the world!'

Wild Sanctuary thanks Mr. McManus for his review and the UK-based publication for including 'The Great Animal Orchestra Symphony for Orchestra & Wild Soundscapes'  in the July 2014 edition.
Listen to a sample of the album here:

Performance licensing is available through Nimbus Music Publishing

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Adventures In Soundscape - Wild Sanctuary's Trailblazing Ethic

It's been said that each step illuminates the next.  But those first steps take a trailblazer.
Early days of Synthesizer
Building an Archive of Sound
Sharing Soundscape Ecology

A true explorer in the collection, investigation into, and archiving of the world's most beautiful and unusual natural sounds, Wild Sanctuary's Bernie Krause's pioneering works have long brightened possibilities for others to whom sound is a medium of excitement and interest.  Uncountable current field recordists, scientists, and creative artists alike have found inspiration in his work.  With the increasing interest of the digital generation, Bernie's work continues to invite engagement, participation, and innovation for others to expand upon in their own right and to join us within the adventure.

New Premiere:
The first full symphony to use wild soundscapes as the conceptual muse for the work and fully incorporate them within orchestration, The Great Animal Orchestra Symphony breaks new ground in the classical and contemporary music world and the world of soundscape recording.

In collaboration with inspired composer Richard Blackford, artist/author/soundscape ecologist Bernie Krause's newest work will premiere in the UK, at the Cheltenham Music Festival, July 12th, 2014.  The CD and score will be released through Nimbus Records in September.  This performance is part of an extended European tour that includes an exciting array of related public speaking and educational appearances, arts installations, and other planned events related to Bernie's most recent book, 'The Great Animal Orchestra: Finding the Origins of Music in the World's Wild Places" (Little/Brown, 2012).

Inspired by the book, composer Richard Blackford creates
'The Great Animal Orchestra Symphony for Orchestra & Wild Soundscapes
Bernie with David Byrne at City Arts &; Lectures
'Soundscapes', A Sonoma State University Dance Concert

Wild Sanctuary's on-going efforts in presenting wild soundscapes within the public culture continue to increase as Bernie, Kat, and associates continue to explore untrammeled territories.  

In books, films, radio/tv/e-media presence, public space installations, performance, social networking, workshops, co-guided Sound Safari's and more, we enthusiastically invite you to participate in appreciation of the increasingly rare remaining 'creature chorus' around the world - as the lovely and ongoing resonant voices of the remaining natural world perform their timeless songs.  Let us know about your specific interest - and watch for more news coming soon!

To find out more about Bernie & Kat Krause visit us at Wild Sanctuary, subscribe to the WildBlog, or send us a note anytime:

Monday, April 28, 2014

New Symphony Honors Disappearing Soundscapes of The Wild

Noted composer Richard Blackford and Wild Sanctuary bio-acoustician Bernie Krause have collaborated on a new orchestral piece that will premiere July 2014 at the Cheltenham Music Festival.  This new work, 'The Great Animal Orchestra Symphony for Orchestra and Wild Soundscapes', based upon concepts from Krause's recent book 'The Great Animal Orchestra: Finding the Origins of Music in the World's Wild Places' (Little/Brown, 2103), is part of our ongoing program to help re-establish the vitality, value, and necessity of natural soundscapes in modern life.  We thank Telegraph reporter, Geoffrey Lean, for his recent interview and subsequent news and blog articles on the subject:

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Reflections on the History of Soundscape Ecology: Berkeley School of Journalism

Audio journalist/producer Greta Mart interviews Wild Sanctuary's Bernie Krause on the early days of Soundscape Ecology for recent radio show.  

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

'The Great Animal Orchestra Symphony for Orchestra & Wild Soundscapes' Premieres July 12, 2014, at the Cheltenham Music Festival

We hope you will join us for the upcoming World Premiere of The Great Animal Orchestra Symphony for Orchestra & Wild Soundscapes.  This new work, by distinguished composer Richard Blackford and soundscape ecologist Bernie Krause, celebrates the origins of music and its connection to sounds of the natural wild.  Details about other scheduled performance dates will be forthcoming.  The score and CD will be released by Nimbus Records, Autumn of 2014.

For ticket information: The Festival Premiere

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Sneak Preview: Announcing 'The Great Animal Orchestra Symphony for Orchestra & Wild Soundscapes'

Wild Sanctuary is delighted to share our first announcement of a new symphony that will be premiered at the Cheltenham Music Festival (UK) on 12 July 2014. A creative collaboration between Richard Blackford, former Balloil College Oxford composer-in-residence, and author/soundscape ecologist Bernie Krause, this will be the first classical music expression that fully incorporates a broad range of biophonies as an integrated sonic texture within the context of orchestration. 
Based on themes developed in the narrative of Dr. Krause's recent book, “The Great Animal Orchestra: Finding the Origins of Music in the World’s Wild Places,” the score is a culmination of the development of the premise that animals taught us to dance and sing.  The published and recorded versions of the orchestral work, composed by Richard Blackford with wild soundscapes by Bernie Krause, will be available through Nimbus Records, Autumn 2014.  Future live performances of the symphony will be announced as they are scheduled.
For ticket information: The Festival Premiere
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