Saturday, May 30, 2009

Teaming Up To Raise Soundscape Awareness

Great networks seem to be popping up nearly everywhere these days to discuss the technical side of soundscape recording - but for those who want to simply enjoy natural sounds, learn more about the world of natural soundscapes, and forward the cause of protecting, preserving, and promoting natural sound to help raise soundscape awareness throughout the culture, there is now another welcoming site.  Get social in the conversation about how, when, and where we can further the understanding and appreciation of natural sound around the world. The Soundscape Support Team is a 'quiet little network' designed to create new advocacy for delighting in and sustaining the sounds of the outdoor world, that in turn sustain us! Join in - let's discuss details about the future of birdsong, babbling brooks, and the creature chorus in art, science, health, education and more.