Friday, February 3, 2012

Wild Sanctuary and the Global Sustainable Soundscapes Network

Wild Sanctuary is a Founding Member of The Global Sustainable Soundscapes Network, bringing together landscape ecologists, conservation biologists, ecologists from the creative arts, acousticians, and psycho-acousticians to explore the coordination of studies in diverse soundscapes.

We'll be joining with other member organizations including Purdue University, The Acoustic Ecology Institute, Art Institute of Chicago, College of Environmental Science and Forestry/State University of New York, University of Georgia, McGill University, Michigan State University, Tropical Ecology Assessment and Monitoring/Team Network, Tuskegee University, University of Alaska/Fairbanks, Universidad Nacional/Costa Rica, University of New Mexico, and University of Urbino to share, express, and further expand our long-held goals of expanding and connecting the practical, creative, and academic understanding of natural soundscapes and soundscape ecology.

As the acoustic connection to the natural world become stronger than ever before, we'll continue to share news of how this and our other similar involvements develop as we endeavor to build community and further the field of soundscape inquiry around the world.