Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Check out the new GoogleEarth KML Layer at Wild Sanctuary

"Where" was where we shared our Wild Sanctuary sounds to the world of GoogleEarth. So many people doing such wonderous things - practically dazzling! Our gratitude to Tim O'Reilly, Brady Forrest, and all their talented crew for creating such a dynamic forum. Have you downloaded our KML Layer yet? See the Wild Sanctuary home page to put sound on the map! You'll hear samples from a wide variety of our favorite wild places, including the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Galapagos Islands, and an astonishing chorus of wolves within Canada's Haliburton Forest.

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TEA said...

You need to provide links to what your talking about in your post. So, for instance, there should be a link to the Google KML layer within the post itself. The easier it is for some one to surf the more your cause gets exposure!